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November 30th , 2017

Registration will open at 7:00PM on Thursday November 30th, 2017.
Please use the link below to be taken to the Plani Tounrnoi website to registrater.

English Site:

French Site:

To all presidents, we would ask that this message be distributed to the teams of your association. If you are no longer involved with a team, please forward the message to whomever is responsible this year.
We hope to see you at the tournament this year!

Speaical Note: Riverview & Dieppe Teams do not need to registrater on the Site at this time.



About Riverview Ringette

About Riverview Ringette

Ringette has been an integral part of female sport in Riverview dating back to 1984. Since then, the Riverview Ringette Association has been building strong, fit, confident kids.

About Ringette

Ringette is a Canadian sport that was invented in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario by the late Sam Jacks. There are currently nearly 30,000 players on more than 2,000 teams across Canada with over 2,400 officials and 5,000 coaches. Internationally, it is played in half a dozen other countries around the world. As part of the Sport for Life movement, ringette is well advanced at adapting Sport Canada's Long Term Athlete Development model. For more information, please refer to the Ringette Canada Web site at www.ringette.ca.


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